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Know your reasons and excuses for smoking

Behind any habitual behaviour is an emotional benefit that we feel we are getting out of doing that behaviour. People smoke for many different reasons. Some smoke because they think it helps them reduce stress, because they enjoy it or because they use it as a reward to name a few emotional reasons.

It is well worth the time discovering other more effective ways to get the emotional benefit you think you are getting from the cigarettes. For example, Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and far more effective then smoking.

People who enjoy cigarettes soon discover there is actually only a small number they enjoy because many of the cigarettes they do purely out of habit. There are other things you can do or start doing that give you an even greater sense of enjoyment.

If you feel you use cigarettes are a reward after doing something try substituting the smoking for drinking a glass of water, having a herbal tea, or going for a walk outside and breathing fresh air.

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