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If you have tried to quit smoking many times using all sorts of methods you aren't alone. One thing that can have a person stop trying is that fear of failing...again. Here is where the support of others around you who you can trust can help in those moments you are feeling doubtful about your ability to achieve your goal. These people you can call on for advice, encouragement and inspiration. You don't need multiple people to match each support role sometimes it may be just one or two people who fit the role in many ways.

The following is a list of the types of support you might consider having:

A Role model who has quit smoking before

A Cheerleader who will give you words of acknowledgement that you can do it. Know who can count on to really notice, see, hear and affirm your value.

A Safe Harbor- Someone who you can let your guard down and share your ideas, thoughts and observations without judgement

The Mirror- We all need that one person who can give it to us straight. This person holds up the mirror, hold us accountable, offer valuable feedback, and help us see our blind spots before they become derailers

An expert in helping you quit smoking. It is extremely helpful to seek out a person who has the experience and best practice around quitting smoking. Just remember everybody likes to feel needed so ask for support in achieving your goal.

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